Vision & Mission

Vision Statement:

CORR – The Jute Works envisions the Empowerment and Dignity of the disadvantaged and marginalized; especially women, people with disability and indigenous people of the society.

Mission Statement:

Capacity building of the marginalized; especially women, people with disability and the indigenous people of the society ensuring Trade Justice, market access and improved living standard.

1.Artisan cooperatives are functional and main streamed in economy

  •  Organize/reorganize the groups according to the bye-laws of the group
  •  Capacity building training to raise their leadership, awareness and production skill
  •  Inter exchanges of artisans capacity/experiences
  •  Promote thrift, self-help, democratic practices and good governance among the craft groups in the management of their affairs and to make them self-reliant by group action
  •  Create Market for the crafts of the group at both home and abroad.
  •  Develop crafts according to the artisan capability
  •  Make the artisan competent understanding the market dynamics and challenges through constant awareness and capacity building activity.

2.Artisans have access to substantial income and contributes to organizational / cooperative growth

  •  Ensure work for the artisans round the year
  •  Participate in national and international trade fairs, workshops and seminars
  •  Acquire need based/advanced technical knowledge, update technical know-how and information on market trend, taste and quality.

3.Promotion of Fair Trade

  •  Aware the community on Fair Trade through linkage, communication & advocacy.
  •  Promote the Fair Trade nationally, regionally and globally through campaign, network building.
  •  Inter-exchange among the FTOs

4.Expansion & growth of trade

  •  Continuous product development activity
  •  Capture all possible market segments with appropriate and best crafts.
  •  Develop useable and fashionable design to correspond the market demand
  •  Develop professionalism in all spheres of operation of the organization
  •  Arrange advance skill development trainings for the staffs to make them competent in their positions.
  •  To arrange exposure tour for the staffs to gain practical experience
  •  Review and update the organizational structure and all the policies (Administrative, human resources, pricing, procurement, marketing, promotional...)
  •  Initiate/expand the local market
  •  Integrate indigenous crafts and mainstreaming it

5.Response to social development and emergencies

  •  Initiate/Support development activities such as education, safe water & sanitation, environmental, recreational and health care facilities for better living conditions for the community.
  •  Establish development funds for well being of artisan
  •  Establish emergency response fund.