Story of Maya

STORIES | 17-Feb-2020

Story of Maya

Maya Rani Das (42) is one widow from Koran village of Nagori union, Gazipur district.  Maya Rani Das resides in the village with her two sons. She is a leader of Koran-C sub group under the Jagaroni centre.

Maya was married at an early age. After coming at the husband’s house, she found that her husband is mentally retarded.  Her husband wasn’t able to work much, so the family barely meets the cost of living.  She wanted to work and earn for the family.  Sometimes she used to supply water to several stores, with the earning from that work she used to buy flour for bread.  Her family members survived on hand-made bread (chapatti) as having rice seemed luxury for them. There were days when she with her two sons had nothing to eat.

Maya thought the situation should not continue like this. To provide food, shelter and a better future for the child, she must earn.  Maya earnestly search for work in different places. One of her neighbor advised her to go to Jagaroni to learn making jute crafts.  She suggested Maya that the jute crafts can be produced at home and then she will be able to look after the family.   Thus, Maya joined the Jagaroni centre.  She started earning through making crafts and supported the family.

Maya, as well as meeting the cost of the family, also saved money and progressed forward.  She built a tin-roofed house, installed tube-well, and built a sanitary latrine.  For income generation, she bought two cows, leased 0.3 acres of arable land, the land provides supply of rice for six months.  Mays tried to provide education to her sons. The younger son is also mentally disabled like his father.   Maya's husband died one and a half years back.  Now Maya alone works and supports her family.

Maya is a very efficient team worker. She brought order from Jagaroni to the group and distributes work among the members. One the new crafts, she receives training from Jagaroni and later trains the group.  Maya Rani Das is a Portrait of a successful Leader.