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Community Welfare

Health programs:
CORR-The Jute Works usually attaches importance to preventive health care program. We arrange vitamin capsule 'A' program for group members. It will be no exaggeration to mention here that we are able to give information regarding primary health care to the producers. Particularly pregnant women follow our suggestions. They take special care of themselves and give birth to healthy babies.

Emergency Medical Assistance:
CORR-The Jute Works has taken a new scheme to meet the need for producer’s medical support. Producer can have the opportunity of financial assistance for her treatment in hospitalization, operation & serious cases.

We promote and market the products in abroad to create this much-needed employment at home and to ensure a decent return for their labour, free from exploitation. This independent earning, however small, belongs to the women themselves and gives them a place of respect at home and in the society.

Environmental programs:
CORR-The Jute Works makes endeavors to halt degradation of the environment. Programs of distribution of saplings, deep wells and sanitary latrines are arranged. Steps are taken to promote cleanliness. The environmental programs are given below:

Tube well:
Want of pure drinking water is major problem in the rural area. The producers were habituated to drink pond and river water, which is not at all hygienic. After learning the purity of underground water, many of them have installed deep wells. CORR-The Jute Works have distributed deep wells and contributed to set them up. Producers who do not have deep well near to the village, purify and boil the drinking water.

Use of the sanitary latrine in the rural area was rare. People would go to Jungle or field to relieve nature. Since CORR-The Jute Works succeeded in motivating the producers to adapt to sanitary system, gradually the situation has changed. At present most of the houses are furnished with sanitary toilets. CORR-The Jute Works has provided a number of sanitary toilets for the rural women producers.

Sapling distribution program:
The women producers participate in sapling distribution programs of CORR-The Jute Works every year. To take impart the producers in keeping ecological balances, the sapling distribution program attaches importance in the environmental activities of CORR-The Jute Works.

Disaster assistance:
Whenever the producers are affected by a natural calamity, CORR-The Jute Works assists them in cash and kind according to its resources towards partial recovery of the loss. Extra job orders are procured through sales drives and given to the affected for additional income to be able to repair the damage.

Services to the community:
Social responsibility touches practically every level of organizational activity from marketing to hiring, from training to work standards. CORR-The Jute Works has a partial list of social responsibility categories, which might include the following:

Employee services
CORR-The Jute Works maintains training, counseling, placement service and community development activities.

Corporate Philanthropy
We maintain contribution performance, encouragement of employees to participate in social projects and community development activities.

External Relations
We support of minority enterprises, investment practices and government relation.

Employ safety and health
We maintain work environment policies, accident safe guards, food and medical facilities for employees and producers.

Environmental activities
We are preventing environment pollution and we have evaluation procedures of new packages and products.

Educational program
The education department of CORR-The Jute Works plays an active role in education handicraft producer groups. Through leadership and management training, cooperative awareness program, environmental education, development training, health related motivational work, small credit program, product training and workshop CORR-The Jute Works involves women producers in the development process

Gender issues
CORR-The Jute Works provide current recruitment policy, advancement policy, specialize career counselling and opportunity for women. Our goal is to increase women's participation in the socio-economic development work. CORR-The Jute Works involves women in the vital position of the organization. To provide the strategic directions in terms of organizational planning, designing, implementation and impact assessment of women, our gender policy is to increase women's participation.